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Can I bring my dog?

We have two dogs who live on-site who are both friendly and part of the Nesta family. If you would like to bring yours on holiday with you we ask for you to respect our on lead policy and to bring a separate bed for your dog. A charge of £10 will be added to your stay, payable on arrival at Nesta. Please let us know before arriving if you plan to bring your dog.

How many people can sleep in a yurt?

We have yurts that sleep 2 up to 4 people. We have a few extra mattresses for guests if need be, previous guests have brought kids mattresses with them for all the family to be in one yurt.

How far are the nearest shops?

We are situated on the edge of Frome so we have a wide selection of supermarkets just a 4 minute drive away. Asda, Sainsburys, Lidl are all close. Download Deliveroo if you fancy a local meal or your shopping delivered to site even! Frome is a destination town for excellent local markets and Independent retailers. We can advise you at Reception and design your perfect shopping and eating experiences during your stay.

Do we need to bring our own bedding?

Just your duvets rugs and extra pillows. We supply fresh sheets, a pillow per guest and pillow covers.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

For consumption at your yurt you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Cooking outside your yurt with a gas stove or raised BBQ is permitted, just please don't bring any electric coolboxes or leave rubbish bags or bottles outside your yurts. We aim to discourage as much local wildlife as possible! Alcohol is fine to bring and enjoy at your yurt, please just don't bring your own alcohol to the Restaurant.

Can we bring Barbecues/light fires?

Barbecues, charcoal, fire pits and fire pit wood bundles are available to rent/buy from Reception. If you bring your own BBQ please make sure it is raised off the ground. Disposable BBQs are not permitted on-site.

Can we pay using Credit or Debit card?

Absolutely, we have card readers on-site and accept cash as well.

Are you open to non-residents?

For hot tub bookings and drinks at the Bar absolutely, for the Restaurant you can contact separately regarding bookings for tables. nestayurtcamping@gmail.com

Is there WiFi?

We do not have wifi on-site but the mobile reception is very good.

How do we book a Hot Tub?

Please email Milla at nestayurtcamping@gmail.com or wait until you have arrived and we'll book you in then. Each session is 1.5 hours long with one complimentary drink per person. The sessions are £75.00 and fit up to 6 people per tub.

Are we allowed visitors?

Visitors are allowed to visit your yurt but we ask to respect other guests privacy and congregate around the Bar and Forest areas after 9pm with them. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight or use the Nesta Car Park for overnight stays.

Is Nesta good for kids?

Whilst spacious and open air, the site is safe for kids. We offer Forest school and craft workshops, plus Longleat Safari Park is just 10 mins drive away. They also love the hammock forest and marshmallows around the fire pit with the new friends they meet on-site.

What shouldn't I bring with me?

We are a family campsite with a relaxed atmosphere, respectful of other guests. Please do not bring sound systems, electric goods such as kettles, fridges, heaters, electric toolboxes or hairdryers. It is an asset not to have noisy generators on-site, but this means electricity inside the yurts can cope with the lighting provided, charging of laptops and phones only.


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