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Please select dates between 17th June & 9th October 2022


Music at Nesta

The weekends at Nesta wouldn't be near complete without our handpicked selection of incredible artists to ease you into, during and finish your weekend. Fire-pit serenades, Lounge Bar beats, acoustic sessions, all picked to maintain an atmosphere designed to soothe and relax you all. Nesta has been able to secure a variety of artists to play weekly, across the weekend. An eclectic, ambient journey of sounds to compliment both the natural surroundings we are in and the passage of time through an epic weekend.

Live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm, restaurant and bar open, non-residents are welcome.

The Pinkertons

The Pinkertons The Pinkertons

Exceptionally atmospheric music, a Bath based Guitar and Mandolin duo. Creating the perfect sun-downing vibe, the soothing, romantic nature of the Pinkerton's sound accompanies the magic hour/s perfectly. Lucky for us all at Nesta, the Pinkerton's will be playing weekly.

Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond's sound is a fusion of music influenced by the Baka people, African rhythms and traditional Celtic tunes. A combination of soul-stirring West African traditional rhythms, singing and dance of the Baka, a tribe in South East Cameroon where the duo, Su and Martin first visited in the early 90's. Baka Beyond are a remarkable band with world wide success. A multi cultural, soul stirring combination of singing and instruments, rhythm and beats.

Ian Luther

Ian Luther Ian Luther

Ian Luther is hard to pigeon hole he plays so many styles. Blues is his main stay but he is equally at home playing Flamenco/Gypsy/classical and even country picking styles. He performs unusual versions of covers along with his own brand of music. The best thing is to just come and watch. See yer there folks!


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